Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chainlove - unsucked!

There is a new site that makes Chainlove (and all the friggin road bullshit) not suck. Called SAC alerts 

Sign up, go to keywords tab. Enter a keyword, I'll use "six six one' as an example (you should also click the help link on that page, dude does a really good job of explaining what you should do)

It'll dig up any references to "six six one" and show them to you. You can browse back (like to 2010!) and see what prices have been offered before.  I almost crapped my pants when I saw they were selling those elbow guards I like for FRICKING $1.99 on the first of this month. I'd have bought 10 (because mine now smell like the devil's butthole). It'll also send you an email/text/both when one of your keywords shows up on chainlove (or s&c or whisky). No more watching chainlove, just figure out what you want, pop in the keywords and wait for the text

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