Monday, June 21, 2010

Post Father's Day wrap-up

Saturday's ride at The Nut was awesome. Had a great first lap but bonked on the second. I'm blaming my epic quad-cramp on over-consumption of those silly little squeeze-food thingies (while purposefully overlooking that six pack I chugged Friday night). I mean, really - when has beer ever hurt anyone?

Saturday went out to the greenbelt with Damon. Started at the entrance behind the Toys-R-Us. Headed West for a few miles. Found myself hike-n-biking while hanging onto chains and navigating green mossy rocks in clip-less shoes. The trail could only be described as 'retarded technical'. We headed up some unofficial trail called sweet sixteen cause it crossed the little rocky creeks 16 times. On my hard-tail with ~3.5 inches of travel in the front I had a dual concern. Making sure I didn't endo over the 75 billion baby-heads and making sure that my seat didn't pop up and crush my prostate through my diaphragm. Since I can still pee and my collar-bone is in one piece (knock on wood) I'd consider the ride a total success.

Really though - I gotta work on some technical skills. I was like a piss-scared 10 yr old girl out there. If Johnny had been filming, he'd have titled the youtube upload "Sweet Baby Jesus Thad, If I'd have wanted to come on a fucking hike I'd have worn different shoes"

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