Thursday, August 26, 2010


Tuesday, about mile 16 I blew up. Not just bonked, I was weeping by the side of the trail. Feverish, sore, couldn't breathe. Doctor had my chest X-Rayed to see if I collapsed a lung. At the X-Ray place they asked me if I had any injuries or any trauma. I said "nope". They asked what happened, I said "The Doc said I was just 'Goin too hard'.

Now my wife won't let me live that down. She is calling me GTH at this point.

I wonder, is this included in the till death do us part bit? Cause I don't remember subscribing to spousal nicknames, the ones my buddies give me are enough - now I gotta come home to one too?

FML (F*** My Lung)

**** Chest XRays are normal! YAY. What's next, you may ask? Well, I'm gonna go to Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville and try to pop a lung! Something like 900 feet of climbing a lap outta do it :)*******

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