Monday, October 25, 2010

24 Hours of Awesome

The 24 hours of Rocky Hill was a huge success and a great time for the whole crew. First off big thanks to Brad and Jan for staying up all night and supporting all 5 racers. We won a big pile of loot, achieved several out of body experiences and at least 2 of our guys were overcome with emotion.

The day after the race I was speaking with John about my various new ailments, prompting this potential quote of the year:

"Dude, anything that's wrong is totally normal - you just rode your bike for 24 hours"


Johnnie turned in 22 laps for a 2nd place in the Men's Solo Open. He tied the 1st place for distance with Greg "Caveman" Parham.

17 laps from both Tom and Lonnie secured a 1st place tie for the "coffee break" team in Men's Solo Sport. Their photo-finish is guaranteed to be the stuff of legends. I got to run 4 laps with these boys, I gotta say they are pretty damn entertaining when they are delirious.

Our only team, "Brawndo", turned in 17 laps for a 5th place in the 2 person open category. It was my first century!

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