Saturday, December 1, 2012

ATX100k - Austin's new grassroots endurance series!

It's ON. Go signup now and support all the work the organizers are putting into this series. It's free, it's 6 races over the course of the year, it's designed to NOT conflict with any established race/series/whatever, it's totally grassroots and if you finish the 3 of the 6 including the 100k of Emma Long you get to wear the jersey!

First race is NEXT SUNDAY!!! Walnut creek, wheels down 8:30 for 6 laps of flow and fun. Rumor has it there will be a local shop with a top-flight mechanic on site to fix your busted ass bike between laps.

Twitter: @atx100k or

Head over to meetup to signup or just show up and pedal.

I'm doing it and I'm slow so you won't be last :)

love ya bitches

1 comment:

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