Thursday, November 8, 2018

2017 Enchilada Buffet

So, apparently (it's November 2018) I never finished my ride report for the EB in 2017.

End result: 7th overall, 1st Single Speed. I'm pretty proud of that since I'd only started riding SS earlier that year and my back was out (it'd be a few more weeks before my back would take me out for a few months starting mid-November just after the Dragon Slayer)

Here are my notes, they're pretty poor but it is what it is.

Spin down. Holy crap. My bounciness was a topic of discussion at one stop light
BC - Bit of pain climbing out the back side. Saw the girls. Wonderful kids
Road. So sad but not as sad as I'd thought it would be.
Courtyard and CityPark. Walked but didn't loose much distance at all. Lesson here is don't kill yourself to make up time riding up road hills in granny.
CP - nice change of pace. Lots of folks lost plus one rather shiddy motorcycle.
Saw Gary. Hi gary.
Nate - St. Eds. Pulled me to Thumper
Guy in Thumper, British. Sorry
Guy from Thumper over to Walnut back and forth. Got lost on the bridge. Got lost in WC. Turns out the GPS isnt' all that helpful if you haven't ridden Walnut at least once recently.

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