Tuesday, March 1, 2022

2019 - 2021 Recap post

Mea culpa - I got lazy. I did the races but I didn't do the ride reports. I regret this and I'll try to do better in the future. For 'The Lost Years' of 2019, 2020, and 2021 I'll try to get a blub, results, and a Strava link to any significant rides I did. 

11/21/2021 - Dragon Slayer

  • Time: 11:13
  • Miles: 90
  • Elevation: 7923
This was a special year because my daughter was going to ride my final lap with me!

I was running about a 9:45 pace before my daughter joined me and I would have come in around ~9th. My kid was flying though, and I still came in 11th! She was awarded for the youngest to ever attempt a Dragon Slayer, she's almost certainly the youngest woman ever to make a full lap of the lake, and potentially the youngest ever. 

10/30/2021 - Enchilada Buffet

  • Time: 8:50
  • Miles: 81
  • Elevation: 5750
2nd Single speed behind Jason Smith by 11 minutes. Beckett (a kid that races on my daughter's mountain bike team) finished 1st with the Joels in friggin 7:11! My official time was 8:50 and I'm listed as 9th overall

03/13-14/2021 - Death March

  • Time: 7:26
  • Miles: 43
  • Elevation: 4285
This DM was different but fun. Todd had spread checkpoints across the Barton Creek Greenbelt you could scan with your phone and it'd send him your start time, each time you hit a checkpoint, and your checkout time. I rode this one with Rob and my 10-year-old daughter on my fully rigid SS. Ellie and I finished in 34 miles and 19:45 hours. Ellie was awarded for being the youngest participant and finisher. 

11/21/2020 - Dragon Slayer Cancelled due to Covid

10/17/2020 - Enchilada Buffet

  • Time: 9:22
  • Miles: 81
  • Elevation: 5932

The EB this year was self-supported. You could start where you wanted and just turn in your GPS for inclusion in the results. I won SS and came in 6th overall. 

9/26-27/2020 - Death March in 2 parts

  • Time: 7:26
  • Miles: 43
  • Elevation: 4285

Impromptu Death March. Don't remember the actual impetus for this one, but it appears I threw out 42 miles in 2 days. Pretty silly.

3/19/2020 - COVID HITS

12 days after the Slayer. Lockdown begins. Battles for toilet paper and trying to get groceries delivered took a front seat to riding yer bicycle. 

3/7/2020. Death March. 

  • Time: 9:07
  • Miles: 51.70
  • Elevation: 4991

This was a tough ride. Started out leading maybe 15 or 20 guys in my group (the hard(er) group), I think we ended up with around 6? I recall Brian Schoolcraft doing having several epic could-have-been-really-bad falls but he stayed upright and just bounced around like a ballerina. I remember Skoofer looking at me like I kicked him in the nards when I told him we were saving Cheesegrater for the very end, lol (we started it at mile 49). I skipped no gnar and rode no roads that weren't necessary. 

11/24/2019. Dragon Slayer.

  • Time: 10:38
  • Miles: 92
  • Elevation: 5750

Looks like I was 12th out of 27 3-lap finishers. 

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